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A new update for the CV Suite Line Processor will be available soon at the Propellerhead Rack Extension Shop!

Version 1.2.1 has been completely recoded from scratch, to offer better performance, accuracy and stability. The altered design also puts an end to some issues that appeared on 32bit versions of the plugin.

There are also other optimizations, fixes and additions such as:

  • Improved Quantizer Stability.
  • Unipolar to Bipolar conversion bug introduced in v1.1.0 is fixed.
  • Internal Processing is done 100% in 64bit floating point.
  • An additional Unipolar / Bipolar switch has been introduced, to convert (squash) the Bipolar signals from outputs 3 and 4 to the Unipolar range, if desired. 

You can get the 1.2.1 update of the CVSuite Line Processor from the Propellerhead Shop by following the link below: