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Jackbox QASIC RZ-i is a drum module based on the CASIO RZ-1 drum machine, which is considered as a secret weapon especially in hard style genres like Acid and Techno. With the explosion of the rave culture in the 90s RZ-1 started to gather attention from many artists like Autechre and Hardfloor which have used it extensively in their works.

Jackbox QASIC RZ-i Front Panel

Jackbox QASIC RZ-i Rear Panel

Original RZ-1 also featured a sampling capability, a feature which partially we were able to bring to our software counterpart too. Using our Audio to String Interchange Conversion (or ASIC) functionality you will be able to store and recall samples to the device. Using an external application you can create normal *.repatch patches for Jackbox QASIC RZ-i that contain samples with the same attributes as the ones of the original hardware (4 banks of 4096bytes at 20KHz / 8bit PCM). 

Of course RZ-1 has all the additional features of a Rack Extension, such as CV inputs and outputs for sending and receiving triggers, as well as CV Modulation inputs for volume and separate audio outputs.

The list of features for QASIC RZ-i:

  • Add your own samples. The limitations of this feature are exactly the same as in the original device. You can use WAV or AIFF files. The samples patch creation is possible with the use of an external app.

  • Individual audio outputs for all drum sounds.

  • Accent and Velocity Sensitivity Modes.

  • Modulation CV Inputs for all parameters.

  • Input and output CV Triggers to link drum hits from and to the device.

  • 30 Patches, 30 MIDI Drum Loops and 5 Combinator Patches, to get you started. 

NOTE : Jackbox QASIC RZ-i is a drum module. Not a complete drum machine with sequencer.



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