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Manual for Quadelectra Jackbox 7R-707 Drum Module & 7R-727 Perc Module Rack Extension Device for Reason:


The Jackbox 7R-707 Drum Module was crafted after the legendary Roland TR-707 Drum Machine, which was a landmark in early house music.

Jackbox 7R-707 Front Panel

Jackbox 7R-707 Back Panel

This is actualy a labor of love, rather a formal project for the Rack Extension market. As musicians ourselves, we just loved the idea of bringing some of that legendary vintage drum machines to our Reason Rack, even virtualy, and this was the inspiration for the two Jackbox Machines. 

Technicaly, 7R-707 is a drum module, that can be played via MIDI, CV Triggers or the (automatable) Drum Pads.

The separate audio outputs and the on-board mixer follow the drum groupings of the original machine. Nevertheless the Jackbox 7R-707 has available Gate Ins and Gate Outs for all sounds, as well as Level CV Input for all outputs, separate and main.

Accent & Flam switches are available via automation.

Why should you buy this? To be honest there's nothing this drum module can do that you cannot do it with the Kong and a good 707 sample set. You'd choose to buy this, for the same reasons you'd choose to buy the real hardware, although you could just use the samples.

Or for the same reason we built it :)

Jackbox 7R-707 features:

  • 15 Drum Sounds recorded from the legendary Roland TR-707 Drum Machine.

  • Accent and Flam functions in Automation Lane.

  • On-Board Mixer following the drum groupings of the original hardware.

  • Separate Audio Outputs following the drum groupings of the original hardware

  • Gate In, Gate Out sockets for all sounds.

  • Level CV Input for both separate outputs and main outpout.

  • 90 MIDI Loops, 5 Combinator Setups, 1 Starter Song.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a drum machine. Its rather a sample module.

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