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Manual for Quadelectra Arkana Granular Synthesizer Rack Extension Device:


Welcome to Arkana! Arkana is our exciting new granular synthesizer instrument using the 2.5 SDK. 

And this means that you can now load, twist and turn all your favorite samples -and more- in to evolving pads, textures, atmospheres; anything you can imagine.

Arkana Front Panel

Arkana Rear Panel

Arkana uses 2 Oscillators to produce its sounds. Each oscillator can handle up to 5 stereo grain emitters, and comes with its own independent filter and envelopes. The modulation matrix of this synthesizer enables you to route all available control sources to a vast list of destination parameters! Finally to add the finishing touch, depth and volume to your sound, there are two build in effects, Reverb & Delay.

Arkana gives you total control over your sound, providing an extensive set of tweakable parameters. Go beyond and control the envelope type and the amount of the simultaneous grain playback (grain count) that will comprise each oscillator of your sound. Handle properties like offset, randomization or spread across grains, add coverage, create grain clouds varying options per grain such as pitch, length, speed and position. Control pan & gain and filter individually each oscillator, selecting one out of the 5 available filter types.

Arkana has an extensive set of sources available for all your modulation routing. Use the dedicated Modulation Envelope, or each of the Three LFOs, performance controllers, even values such as grain position, pan etc. You can also use the available 5 CV modulation inputs to bring in signal sources from other devices.

Arkana's voicing features include up to 32 notes polyphony, polyphonic & mono legato modes and of course portamento and glide. Of course there's also pitch bend range setting and modulation as an assignable modulation parameter.

There are also 100 factory patches, plus another 20 signature, including some from our friends at Navi Retlav Studios & ArxPro Audio

Features In Particular:

  • Sample Import

  • 2 Oscillators / Generators

  • Up To 5 Stereo Emitters per Oscillator.

  • Extended editing and manipulation features

  • Emitter spreading and per grain randomization, for rich fat sounds.

  • Modulation Matrix, Modulation Envelope, 3 LFOs

  • Direct access to all oscillator parameters from the front panel. 

  • Poly / Mono Legato Modes

  • 2 Built in effects: Reverb & Delay

  • Oversampling settings (x1, x2, x4)

  • 5 assignable CV Modulation Inputs

  • 100 Factory + 20 Signature Presets


Available Format(s): Try / Purchase


Quadelectra would like to thank: Reasonistas, NaviRetlav Studio, ArxPro Audio and all our beta testers team for their help.