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Manual for Quadelectra CV Suite Parametrix 1.0.0 Rack Extension Device for Reason:

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The Quadelectra CV Suite Parametrix is the third "baby" of our CV Suite Rack Extension series for Propellerhead Reason.

CV Suite Parametrix gives you the ability to control any CV Input signal as if it was a parameter, using constant knob driven values. And of course these parameter knobs can be automated!

Moreover you can attach another CV Input source for typical modulation over a parameter, and automate its appliance and modulation width.

Advantages of using CV Suite Parametrix become more apparent as soon as you start modifying the CV output of a parameter using a CV Signal Processor such as CV Suite Line Processor to alter the value curve.

Or by splitting a parameter CV Output to a set of CV Inputs using a CV Spider to control a number of different targets in various machines with just one knob.

Also connecting the CV Suite Parametrix'es CV Outputs to the CV Inputs of a Combinator will instantly give you control over another set of 4 parameters.

All of Parametrix'es parameters can be labeled and the output signal on each of them is exported in two CV Output Plugs.



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