Support Files

Support files for Trigater Trigger To CV / Gate Converter & Sequencer Rack Extension Device for Reason:

Trigater is a utility device that converts a trigger pulse from a drum sequencer to a CV / Gate pair. When an incoming trigger signal is fired, its corresponding CV / Gate pair is executed for a specified given length.

Trigater Trigger To CV / Gate Converter Front Panel

In total Triggater has 16 programable trigger to CV / gate slots, which can be assigned to 8 different  output CV / gate pairs, a feature that enables you to use a single sequencer to control up to 8 different instruments. 

Trigater Trigger To CV / Gate Converter Back Panel

Trigater was meant to be used with our well acclaimed System9 multiple pattern sequencer, but you can use it with any sequencer you like as a source, be it Redrum, Matrix, another 3rd Party sequencer, or even the new Drum Sequencer Player. 

Although by default each trigger is converted to a corresponding CV / gate, Trigater can be configured to fire sequentially each trigger in either ascending, descending, alternating, or random order. 

If you don’t wish to use an external device, you can always use your MIDI keyboard instead, since all triggers can be executed from there too. And since Trigater is MIDI aware, you can use your keyboard or the editor to change pitch or scale velocity. 

But Trigater is not only a trigger to CV / gate converter. You can configure it to act as a step sequencer, firing each step after the previous finishes playing, much like an analogue oldskool style sequencer. Of course the sequencer can also be configured to run forward, backward, alternating or random.

Other global controls, include muting and / or soloing triggers, global transposition, velocity, and length scaling.

And that’s not all: We’ve also added an extensive toolkit, which provides many handy functions to ease your life and speed your workflow. Functions like copy / paste, insert or delete, randomization,  transposition or velocity scaling and normalization, scale conforming plus many others. With all the provided functionality you can pretty much use the functions of the toolkit in a creative manner, generating sequences and applying transformations, much like you’d make music in a procedural approach.

To put it in simple words, this is your “go-to” device for experimental, techno, glitch or any other procedural style music.

We’ve imagined and built Trigater to be a versatile device. A handy tool that will serve an elementary part of your music production.

Feel free to give it a try!

Features at a glance: 

  • 16 Programable Trigger To CV / Gate Slots.

  • 8 CV / Gate Outputs to Sequence up to 8 instruments under one instance.

  • Configurable “XTRA” (Extra) trigger outputs.

  • Mute / Solo Switches Per Slot (plus a Play button).

  • Trigger Firing Functionality (Direct, Next, Previous, Pendulum, Random)

  • Sequencer Functionality (Forward, Backward, Alternating, Random)

  • Global Transpose, Velocity & Length Scaling.

  • Velocity scaling from trigger value.

  • MIDI functionality: Trigger execution, Pitch & Velocity control.

  • Extensive Function Toolkit: Copy, Paste, Insert, Delete, Transpose, Scale Conform, Randomization, Note Interval Generator plus many more.

  • Comes as a Utility Device (NOT a player). Can be used with Reason versions prior to 10.1



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