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 We are happy to announce the forthcomming release of our new Rack Extension called 3Plex!

3Plex is more than a simple filter delay! Its actualy 3 independent delay lines packed in one device. Each delay is true stereo, and equiped with a 5-mode State Variable Filter, with 2 or 4 poles.

The unit is also equiped with 3 LFO units that can be assigned to multiple targets such as the Filter Frequency, Panning or Level.

3Plex has a set of very interesting features never seen before in devices of its kind! Features such as AHD Filter Envelopes, Global Bus Setup switch that re-arranges the unit toplogy to 3 modes (parallel, serial or combined). And of course at its rear panel 3Plex provides extensive CV connectivity to and from other devices.

Expect it very shortly at the Propellerhead Rack Extension Store!