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CV Suite Signal Repeater is the fourth device from Quadelectra CV Suite devices!

The CV Suite Signal Repeater accepts an incoming CV signal and adds up to four adjustable delays using four independent delay processors before feeding it to their outputs..

Welcome the CV Suite Signal Repeater from Quadelectra! The fourth member of our CV Suite line of products. 

With the CV Suite Signal Repeater you can insert up to four adjustable delays to an input CV signal, and output them separately using the four independent delay units. You can use time or step measurement as delay units, and also modulate the delay using the input from another CV source. 

Delay time transitions run smoothly, like in audio delays, increasing and decreasing the distance between the read and the write ‘heads’. 

NOTE: CV Suite Signal Repeater does NOT insert feedback to each delay, due to the nature of the CV signals. That’s because mixing two or more CV feedback loops does not produce an audible “mix” result as it happens with audio. 


  • Four independent delay units to process a CV Input.
  • Time or Song Units to control delay 
  • Smooth delay transitions from setting to setting 
  • Additional delay time CV Input Modifier.
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